With over a decade of web site design and web development experience, web design JB produces exceptional solutions for corporate and small business. Benefits of a professional website include:

  • More conversions
  • Better customer retention
  • Professional image
  • Excellent usability

Because of the nature of the Internet as a medium, the design of the website has a major impact on the effectiveness of the site from a marketing perspective. As more and more site contaminated the Web with needless animations and vibrant or inappropriate colors, it makes sense for us to be sure our own website meets exacting standards in all areas. Design is a fundamental one. The aspects of Web Design will cover here are

  • Appearance
  • Custom Design
  • Compatibility
  • Responsive for Mobile
  • Performance
  • Search-engines friendliness
  • Links

Our price of web design starting as low as RM99. Please contact us for more information.
* We can include basic SEO to enhance Google Search Ranking.


Because web design JB is an integrated marketing company we are able to combine three distinct disciplines into every site we create. An IT company can build a technically sound website, a design firm can make something that looks nice and a marketing or seo company can make sure visitors reach your website, but how many companies can do all them well?

With web design JB’s services, our client won’t face any problem of these. We commit to give our client the best quality of design and comprehensive services to cover web, print media, multimedia and printing services which are the essential for any basic advertising material for any established company. We never compromise the quality by focusing wider range of design because it is about design executed with different programs in different outputs.

Check out our awesome website design by our awesome team 🙂

We are an innovative and creative web design agency located in Johor Bahru (JB), Johor, Malaysia. We had design and build numerous professional and awesome looking websites for our clients across Malaysia. We can design e-commerce site, corporate site, portfolio site, forum, event site, countdown site, blogs and basically anything that you can think of, we will design and build it for you!

We deliver awesomeness to your online businesses by offering you a wide array of online marketing solutions.

Website Design

Need an awesome design to impress your clients? Don’t worry, we have the right solutions here. We have design more than over 100 of websites for a wide range of customers, from property developers to personal website, you name it, we most probably have it.

We build websites based on your company’s background, brand, tradition and target audience while maintaining the modern functional design to meet today’s requirement.

We ensure that you will get the best consultation in the suitable website design for your company in order to maximize your return.